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High Pressure Cleaning
  • We use a 3500psi High pressure cleaner to clean the roof tiles with whirlaway rotary attachment. This is used to minimise the mess of grime and mould.
  • We then rinse off the roof with a lance wand, removing any excess debris and dirt.
  • Internal and external Gutters are washed out to a high standard allowing rain water to flow easily.
  • Other cleaning services are also offered, such as high pressure clean of driveway, patios etc.
Tile Roof Repairs

  • All broken, chipped and cracked tiles are replaced.
  • All protrusions through the roof will be waterproofed using exterior high grade polyurethane sealer water proofer to prevent leaks.
  • Valley tiles are cut, realigned and clipped into place stopping them from sliding out of position and possible future leaks.
  • Full repoint off ridge capping is done to stop any water getting into the roof.
Tile Roof Painting
  • After being cleaned and repaired a high build sealer coat is applied to roof tiles to seal and build up a base layer by air less spray machine.
  • Two even coats of Industrial Roof Protect roof membrane paint is applied to roof tiles by air less spray machine.
  • Please note: We can’t paint a roof until after it has been cleaned as the paint will peel off after a year.